the awkward moment when you found out on national tv that your parents had sex on their very first date and you were born as a result /:

still can't move on   lmao   seoinguk   his mother is so funny hehehe   seo inguk's priceless reaction is so   

BTOB’s message to the moon  (`・ω・´)”

btob   WHY?   thanks for ruining my life   qp   

envy at how sungjae carried ilhoon dagfdkagkdftw   btob   hyunsik   ilhoon   sungjae   qp   

sungjae   deadly~   qp   btob   

Sungjae you are not allowed…

Sungjae you are not allowed…

sungjae   wait ure the maknae ryt?   dasghdalsdha   btob   qp